Best Idea 2020: Business of Water-as-a-Service (WAAS): AquaVenture Holdings Ltd
December 6, 2019
Holly Singer
On December 4th, Hedge Connection hosted its End of Year Recap and Holiday Celebration. The event opened with Mithra Warrier of TD Securities moderating a panel of hedge fund managers in a discussion of their Best Ideas for 2020. Each of the managers on the panel will have their best idea featured here on The Edge. Below we have Christopher Antonio, CIO, Dipsea Capital LLC breakdown AquaVenture Holdings, a developer and provider of sustainable water.
Cognitive Biases
June 2019
Christopher Antonio
There are numerous factors which can degrade our performance from a psychological perspective. Today I’ll begin with three of them, and offer a few tricks I use as a fund manager to assist in neutralizing sub-optimal decision making.
Volatility: It’s Worse Than You Thought
Third Quarter 2018
Phil Davis
This In Practice piece gives a practitioner’s perspective on the article “Volatility Lessons,” by Eugene F. Fama and Kenneth R. French, published in the Third Quarter 2018 issue of the Financial Analysts Journal.